The hanging copper stoup forged with brass

The hanging copper stoup forged with brass. Made of copper sheet
Dimensions: height - 46 cm; width - 24 cm


The freestanding stoup

The freestanding stoup. The forged steel base, stable and protected with varnish. The bowl on it made of brass sheet. The height of the stoup - 86 cm. The bowl: diameter - 25 cm; depth - 4.5 cm.


The hanging copper stoup

The hanging copper stoup. Made of copper sheet. Height - 35 cm; width - 27 cm


The stoup - insertion

The stoup - insertion. Made of brass sheet, designed for a marble or granite base.... Custom-made product The photo presents the outer dimensions of 33 cm x 33 cm; the bowl diameter 24 cm and its depth of 5.5 cm.